KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue
KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue


KID'S SAMMI - Navy/Blue

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  • Give Your Child a (Sandaled) Leg Up – Designed for adventures large and small, the Sammi combines innovative ventilation technology with comfort and support to keep your little one safe and active.
  • Just Breathe – Ventolation’s patented system integrates a series of grooves and channels from the insole to the outsole to naturally expel air, water, and sand with each step.
  • Heavenly Feel – In addition to being self-cleaning, self-cooling, and quick-drying, our dual-density platform is ultra-comfortable. Fair warning: it may be hard to get your child to take these off!
  • Contoured Foot Straps – With an adjustable top strap, maneuverable back strap, and forked toe strap, this sandal has the freedom of an open-toe design with the security of a traditional shoe.
  • Trusted Sole – Like all Ventolation products, these sandals are designed with thick, non-slip soles to provide reliable traction and protect against sharp and jagged objects.

Though it’s sized for little feet, the Sammi is made with big ideas. The genius of the design begins with our patented drainage system. Because sand bonds with water, it can be difficult to remove. This is especially true when it comes to smaller feet. However, by combining a series of grooves, channels, and air holes, our shoes not only circulate air but expel sand, water, and debris with each step. This process improves drying time and encourages a more comfortable and healthy foot environment. If only putting children to bed was this easy! The Sammi includes non-slip treads, a protective outsole, our cloud-soft EVA footbed, and contoured rubber straps. Whether they’re for the newest member of your family or the oldest, all Ventolation shoes are quality made for lasting performance. Designed for the times you lose track of time (but not your child!) these sandals are ready for adventures with the whole family.

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Why Ventolation?

Super Support

A 1” thickness of superior cushioning will protect you through any activity


Extremely lightweight, delivering an almost shoeless experience

Cushion Comfort

Equipped with a VO FLEX Foam Footbed for shock absorption and extreme comfort that reduces foot fatigue