MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime
MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime


MEN'S KYLE - Grey/Lime

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Dark Grey/Red

  • Foot Friendly, Water Ready – Perfect for all the jungles in your life, the AIRventure Kyle combines serious technology with casual comfort in one wildly amazing flip flop.
  • Let’s Vent – By ventilating the insole to the outsole, our system offers the only footwear that expels air, water, and sand while you’re wearing it. Cleaning should always be this easy.
  • Crazy Comfort – In addition to patented technology, our dual-density footbed gives you the feeling of floating on air. We stress this is only a sensation: it will not actually make you levitate.
  • City to Trail Support – All Ventolation shoes are designed with non-slip grooves to provide traction in wet and dry conditions. Our rubber sole also protects against sharp and jagged objects.
  • Lasting Dependability – Designed for the path not yet taken, the AIRventure Kyle is resilient to everyday wear and tear as well as saltwater exposure.

From rush hour to golden hour, Ventolation’s AIRventure Kyle is designed for superior comfort and casual performance. It all begins with Ventolation’s patented technology. Our “Free your sole” system integrates an insole and outsole through a series of grooves. With each step you take, sand, water, and debris naturally sift from your footbed to the ground. Meanwhile, air is allowed to circulate. This simple process significantly improves drying time and in doing so encourages a healthy and more comfortable foot environment. Relaxing is good for you, at least in moderation, but your feet should always be on vacation. The Kyle also includes a stylish two-tone bottom, non-slip treads, contoured rubber straps, and our cloud-soft EVA footbed. As a company, we believe in a healthy work-life balance. Our mission is to make shoes that value your lifestyle—from the office, to the home, to the great outdoors. With the Kyle, we’ve made flip flops so comfortable and capable you won’t even need to kick them off. Free yourself for the adventure, and try a pair today.

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Why Ventolation?

Super Support

A 1” thickness of superior cushioning will protect you through any activity


Extremely lightweight, delivering an almost shoeless experience

Cushion Comfort

Equipped with a VO FLEX Foam Footbed for shock absorption and extreme comfort that reduces foot fatigue